Q&A with Christian Burton

At a time when companies have scaled staff back, furloughed them or made redundancies, Pipeline Upgrade has been actively expanding its global network team and creating new job opportunities alongside appointments for clients.

While globally companies continue to navigate unchartered commercial territory amidst the worldwide pandemic, lead generation specialists Pipeline Upgrade demonstrate how a business can not only survive commercial uncertainty during the current Covid-19 crisis but also thrive. 

Here Pipeline Upgrade’s founder and CEO Christian Burton shares his industry insight and knowledge on how his company, which specialises in pay per appointment setting services, is supporting businesses, tech vendors and VARs during these unprecedented times.  

“As a business we have been growing dramatically. Despite these uncertain times we have expanded our business by 30% in a matter of weeks. We have grown our new client base by 30% in addition to retaining 100% of our existing client base.

“It is due to the fact we have a very different way of offering a very traditional service whereby our clients only pay for results generated.

“We as a business only make money when we deliver quality meetings for clients, otherwise we replace them in the first instance or ultimately we refund them. It is a commercially risk free proposition.

“With remote workers operating globally already, we are very well suited to this pandemic situation and able to help people get through it.”

With extensive lead generation experience Christian decided to take a different approach when launching Pipeline Upgrade which also specialise in lead generation training and recruitment.

“I was used to building telesales teams and I decided to build a business which actually turns the rules of engagement around with the view that if we are a supplier offering a service then surely we should be the ones carrying the risk if we don’t do what we are promising to do?

“Therefore we operate on a pay per meeting basis. I would also attribute our most recent growth to the fact that increasingly it is being recognised we are not just a UK based business. We have extensive experience of handling campaigns across other countries, including those which are a bit further down the line dealing with the pandemic than the UK.

“Our experience of working in other countries is key, coupled with the fact our team has always operated remotely. As the wider world adjusts to home working this is not the new normal for us, it is how we have always worked. Effectively, we were made to handle the type of situations businesses currently find themselves in due to widespread lockdown measures.”

The company’s agile approach appeals equally to global brands as well as SMEs and start-ups. Pipeline Upgrade works with a mix of big brands including HP, Toshiba and most recently SCC, alongside smaller organisations. The results driven company’s flexible approach is enabling them to support businesses through the current pandemic and increase their own workforce by 20%.

 “Just like with the recession, which had a very similar impact to what is happening now with the pandemic, to businesses at least, one of the first things to get cut tends to be the marketing budget.

“However we were always set up to try to be there for when the next recession hit, which I believe is also around the corner. We’re experienced and able to help companies continue growing in a difficult market with a smaller budget to work with.

“That’s why we’ve always been a results based marketing agency. We only charge for appointments that go ahead as planned but not only that, we actually refund the money if they don’t.

“From a commercial point of view it is totally commercially risk free. Either a client of ours is going to get exactly what they want in terms of a qualified appointment or they are going to get their money back. We can help them expand into other countries too, another of our specialities.

“We’ve always operated with a remote sales team. We headhunt experienced freelance telemarketers who are self sufficient in their own right and we bring them on board, similar to how Uber would bring on a taxi driver. What we have become to our callers or the agents who work for us is pretty much the Uber of the lead generation world. We have revolutionised the sector with our different approach.

“Currently everyone is panicking quite rightly from a health perspective, but from a business health perspective, what we see happening is a company’s sales being adversely affected and they are going to be delayed. As a result what do you need to do?

“You need to have Pipeline Upgrade operating as a virtual team in the background working for you to increase sales or guarantee in the future a much bigger balloon of sales when everyone is back to work, which hopefully won’t be too long. We are made for this type of situation and are here to help.”

For more information go to www.pipelineupgrade.com  www.linkedin.com/in/christian-burton-pipeline or email christian.burton@pipelineupgrade.com